Bancale – “Frontiera” CD

A corelease with Ribess & Fumaio Records

Bancale are:

- Luca Vittorio Barachetti: parole e voce
- Fabrizio Colombi: chitarre, percussioni e lamiere
- Alessandro Adelio: chitarra, elettronica, harmonium
- Xabier Iriondo: chitarra su “Randagio” e “Suonatore Cielo”,elettronica su “Un paese”

Produzione artistica: Xabier Iriondo e Bancale

some reviews on “Frontiera”:




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Mattia Coletti – Comaneci – Muffin – Split 7″ Vynil

This split work is a collaboration between Mattia Coletti, (polistrumentist, with many experimental projects), Comaneci (folk duo from Ravenna) and Muffin (japanese songwriter), with some indie labels: italians Palustre & Brigadisco, american North Pole, the japanese Town Tone, and the danish Geiger. The tracks inside are 3, mostly of acoustic folk form: Mattia Coletti with “My Town” (featuring Comaneci’s Francesca) and Comaneci with “Where Were You”, on Side A. Muffin’s “Flora” on Side B. A pure songs work, simple and delicated, though rich of evolving elements.




Scarnanza ‘Zine # IV

A new challenge between miserable collage-built meat-faces, featuring the most perverted and retard people of the italian pop-soccer-media-tv-politic-fashion cursed society mixed all together in a thunderous vortex with random shit, including private documents duplications, newspaper pages, scary pics, esoteric grins, lessons and articles from hidden-lost 1960-70’s italian books/magazines, philosophy, and other crap…as usual reduced to rotten b/w paper waste….




alineH – “Looking for Pleasure Destroyed my Life” 2×3″ CDR

alineH are: Giovanni Lami: field recordings, live electronics, programming Francesco Galli: guitars

Here their debut album on Palustre records. All tracks written, processed and arranged by alineH This is a work about assassination of environment and not-human life Produced by alineH & Palustre records between April and October 2010. Mastering, cover picture and concept: Giovanni Lami Graphics: Giovanni Battista De Pol and Giovanni Lami

THE BOX it’s an handmade black wooden box with plexiglass picture silk screen cover (that can be used separately, see pictures)

INSIDE – 2x 3″ CDR in pentagonal origami cases with different graphics – a sheet with credits all made with contact paper – a code to download the digital version of the album + an extra song 80 numbered copies




Spiral Series – 15 loops by Trashsound, Dona Ferentes, Al.Be.

see all the project here:




Rinus Van Alebeek / Anton Mobin – split tape

It’s been a while since I first met Rinus and his rolling circus of magnetophones. Here you get a someway threatening collection of analog sounds, tape atomization, and spoken words.
Anton Mobin works perfectly as a companion on this split release, this capturer of fleeting moments based in Paris seems to be surrounded by some strange sounds… File under: environmental metaphysics, subliminal field-recs.
c(60) Limited to 50 copies- sprayed tapes




GrayWhale – GW EP – (3″CDR)

GrayWhale are:

Giovanni Lami: live electronics and programming / Simone Marzocchi: prepared trumpet

This is the first work from two of the most talented researchers of the swamp. Giovanni Lami is processing in real time the signals coming out from Simone Marzocchi’s Trumpet. The result is a stratification of structures, through some really different changing of dynamics, and atonal melodies. Two tracks written, processed and arranged by Gray Whale produced by Gray Whale & Palustre Records in 2010. Mastering and Ep concept: Giovanni Lami; graphic: Giovanni Lami e Silvia Galli

1: Re-Start ||| 2: Anthropic Jam




Andrea Lepri – “Atomi di Singolo su Moquette” CDR

We’re really proud to introduce this great work, from our beloved Andrea Lepri, 7 tracks of electric/electronic songs, cynical lyrics, and memories from India, to listen and listen and listen again. Many musician were involved with Andrea, during the recording sessions, such as Ciro Montanari on Tabla, Daniele Dubbini on indian flute, Federico Guardigni on Drums. This work features Matteo Allodoli on the last track, a real masterpiece, that closes one of the best album of Palustre’s production.

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Freudi – “Ready Made Season” CDR

Some Impro Paths, from Aldo, Michele, Gabri, Seth.


Johnny&Mongo – “AAhh…come me lo sento!!!” (CDR) + “A Santo Stefano Tutto è Possibile” (DVDR)

When firstly we listened to this new project of Simone Marzocchi and Davide Pollio from Bon-zai, we thought these guys had to be seriously cured by some analist. No way to be civil, no way to be polite. After a year Johnny&Mongo became the mass analists themselves, being one of the most followed project around, with really a huge bunch of fans. You’ll be the next one after watching one J&M’s show. Their well assembled songs are part of an always changing demential Cabaret, featuring cousins as rabbits or elvis’ ghost, and other musicians as jesus coming out from the grave during Easter, or just naked parts of a big&fat and irrepressible mess. NOT TO MISS, it’s a health question.

an italian review here below is well accounting what we’ve tried to explain:


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