// settembre 27th, 2011 // Palustre's limo & pal

Johnny&Mongo – “AAhh…come me lo sento!!!” (CDR) + “A Santo Stefano Tutto è Possibile” (DVDR)

When firstly we listened to this new project of Simone Marzocchi and Davide Pollio from Bon-zai, we thought these guys had to be seriously cured by some analist. No way to be civil, no way to be polite. After a year Johnny&Mongo became the mass analists themselves, being one of the most followed project around, with really a huge bunch of fans. You’ll be the next one after watching one J&M’s show. Their well assembled songs are part of an always changing demential Cabaret, featuring cousins as rabbits or elvis’ ghost, and other musicians as jesus coming out from the grave during Easter, or just naked parts of a big&fat and irrepressible mess. NOT TO MISS, it’s a health question.

an italian review here below is well accounting what we’ve tried to explain:

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