// settembre 27th, 2011 // Palustre's limo & pal


GrayWhale – GW EP – (3″CDR)

GrayWhale are:

Giovanni Lami: live electronics and programming / Simone Marzocchi: prepared trumpet

This is the first work from two of the most talented researchers of the swamp. Giovanni Lami is processing in real time the signals coming out from Simone Marzocchi’s Trumpet. The result is a stratification of structures, through some really different changing of dynamics, and atonal melodies. Two tracks written, processed and arranged by Gray Whale produced by Gray Whale & Palustre Records in 2010. Mastering and Ep concept: Giovanni Lami; graphic: Giovanni Lami e Silvia Galli

1: Re-Start ||| 2: Anthropic Jam


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